Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice DLC review

by Geoff on December 14, 2010

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Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice
(downloadable content)
Available for: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Game Developer: Double Fine Productions
Game Publisher: THQ
Release Date: Dec. 12, 2010 (Xbox 360), Dec. 21, 2010 (PS3)
Official Website:

Review Summary:
Grubbins on Ice is a downloadable pack for Costume Quest, but is completely separate from the original Halloween quest. It follows the same kids, through a winter wonderland filled with monsters to defeat and candy to collect. With a handful of new costumes, a bunch of new quests and new Achievements/Trophies, Grubbins on Ice is solid for the five dollar price.  If you want more awesome and funny Costume Quest gameplay, Grubbins on Ice is easy to recommend.

Game Recommendation:

Recommended download!

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice review

Having played through the entirety of Costume Quest, I became very excited when I learned about the downloadable content that featured a winter “wonderland.”  Grubbins on Ice is not just a small piece of DLC, it is actually its own storyline that is selectable when you start a new game. I would compare it to something that Rockstar Games has been doing with Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption and the Episodes from Liberty City for Grand Theft Auto IV; meaning, it is completely separate from the original story. I like this because you are not even required to finish the original story to start Grubbins on Ice.

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice

When you start Grubbins on Ice, there is a short cutscene that explains how and why your favorite group of kids, led by a character of your choosing, is transported to another world filled with monsters and lots of candy.  It isn’t much, but the humor is still present. The lack of voice acting or the ability to slow down the scrolling of the dialogue can be a bit jarring. I know this is required to keep the comedic timing spot on, but for those of us that get distracted easily, you can get backed up a bit.  Other than these small issues, the game is still funny, but not in a laugh out loud kind of way. More of a slight chuckle here and there.

This time around the environments are smaller, but more streamlined for the story experience.  There are more power stamps, quests and even bobbing for eyeballs.  Three new costumes and a handful of new quests are fun and more engaging than most of the ones included in the vanilla game.  The whole storyline won’t take you more than three hours to finish and get all the Achievements/Trophies, but for five dollars it is priced right.

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice

In terms of downloadable content, more of a good thing is worth your hard earned money.  Grubbins on Ice follows that rule perfectly.  Not too much that it devalues the main game, but just enough to keep the fanbase excited about it.  For five dollars, Grubbins on Ice is more of the same, but adds some great exploration along the way.  It even has an awesome area dedicated to the next downloadable game from Double Fine Productions, STACKING, which was only recently announced.  I can easily recommend people who have downloaded Costume Quest to pick up Grubbins on Ice on their respective platform, because it is more of a great thing and the price small as well.

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    If you hit X during the cutscene dialog, you will be able to pause it long enough to read, I find.

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