Mix Superstar (WiiWare) review

by Alex Morgen on November 9, 2010

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Mix Superstar (WiiWare)

Mix Superstar
Available for: Wii (WiiWare)
Game Developer & Publisher: Digital Leisure
Release Date: November 8, 2010
Official Website: mixsuperstar.com

Review Summary:
Mix Superstar
is not a game, but more of an application that allows budding mixologists to combine from over 1,000 samples of audio into their own unique track. A simple walkthrough tutorial gets you laying down techno, dance and hip-hop beats in no time, even recording samples via Wii Speak. Although Mix Superstar is not compatible with an SD Card, a simple save and export utility allows super convenient downloading of your mix from a computer. At only a $5 entry price (500 Wii Points) for royalty-free music creation, Mix Superstar is a great little WiiWare gem that may just inspire audiophiles.

Game Recommendation:

Recommended download!

Mix Superstar review

Ever wanted to experiment with mixing your own music tracks, but too intimidated to try? Meet Mix Superstar, a virtual mixing application for the Wii that allows players to drag and drop tracks to compose and share their very own mixes.

Mix Superstar comes with over 1,000 different loops, broken down into three main categories: Dance, Techno and Hip Hop. The genres vary at BPM (Beats Per Minute) and include loops for Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocals, and more effects. An additional House Loop Pack (400 Wii Points, $4) and Latin Loop Pack (300 Wii Points, $3) offers 400 additional loops from each set. The packs can be downloaded online from the in-game (or in-app) Loop Shop menu. Another way to get more audio samples and add personalized vocals is using the supported Wii Speak or Logitech USB microphone.

Mix Superstar (WiiWare)

Controls in Mix Superstar may be tricky to get accustomed to at first, but a walkthrough Tutorial will get users acclimated in several minutes. The Wii Remote isn’t the ideal controller for something like this, but Digital Leisure manages to make it work. The D-pad navigation controls work a bit snappier on some menu items than using the motion of the Wii Remote and B button to scroll, which causes hyper-fast scrolling. An on-screen arranger allows users to drop tracks from the Loop Browser. Audio clips can easily be sampled from the Loop Browser with the hit of the B button. Various controls are provided for copying, pasting and erasing loops. Loops can also be fine-tuned with individual volume and balance dials. Users can also isolate or mute individual tracks to hear select pieces of the composition. Tracks consume space going horizontally in time, but the + and – buttons on the Wii Remote will quickly give users a zoomed in or out view of the arranger. Another handy function allows tracks to be marked and arranged as favorites, so if you find a particularly trippy synth or heavy beat, you’ll be able to locate it quickly.

Mix Superstar (WiiWare)

By no means am I a musician, but I wanted to share a brief audio clip of the very first composition I did in Mix Superstar. I personally enjoy a little bit of the darker electronic dance music, so I wanted to see if a first stab at it would get me somewhere along those lines. Listen to the sample clip here. That’s just after the first few minutes as a beginner with Mix Superstar. Exporting the clip, which is a WAV file, is easily done. Once the mix is saved, the user can select an export option. The file is uploaded to the Mix Superstar server and an email, with a download link provided, is sent to the user. From there, the user can download the mix, which will self destruct after 24 hours. Although Mix Superstar does not support export to a Wii SD Card, this method is fairly convenient and quick. Users can also playback and record tracks directly from the Wii with the proper audio setup.

Mix Superstar is an easy and inexpensive way to jump into experimenting with music tracks. At a low $5 cost, Wii gamers can turn into stellar mixologists with some investment in time. Bring out your inner musician and give Mix Superstar a spin!

Mix Superstar (WiiWare)

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Thanks to Digital Leisure for making this review possible!

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