Rango: The Videogame review

by Alex Morgen on March 10, 2011

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Rango: The Video Game
Rango: The Video Game
Rango: The Videogame
Available for: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS
Game Developer: Behaviour Interactive
Game Publisher: Paramount Digital Entertainment
Game Distributor: Electronic Arts
Release Date: March 1, 2011
Official website: www.ea.com

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Review Summary:
Rango: The Videogame is a light-hearted game that younger players or fans of the hit movie will enjoy. Gameplay feels like the traditional 3D character platformers and varies from rail grinding sequences, riding roadrunners and bats, simple puzzle challenges, and some side-scrolling areas. The overall length of the game is just around five to six hours for a single playthrough and the game isn’t too difficult. The replay value may be somewhat limited, but is in maxing out Rango’s power-ups. Gamers will appreciate a few levels, including an imaginative 8-bit level. Rango: The Videogame is an entertaining extension of the movie and will provide enjoyable, non-frustrating gameplay experience.

Rango: The Videogame review

Rango: The Videogame is an extension of the movie from Paramount Pictures. Game developer Behaviour Interactive collaborated with the team behind the film to bring the same feel, with an all-new unique story. This includes movie assets from Industrial Light and Magic, a storyline from one of the film’s writers and music from Hans Zimmer’s team. So, you are getting a faithful videogame adaptation, which could still stand on its own as a unique platform action/adventure game. In the game, players will find many of the quirky and humorous “Dirtonians” as in the film, within the Wild West setting of Dirt. From the leading chameleon Rango and his leading lizard lady Beans, to enemy rodents and mariachi birds that deliver some comedic appearances at the right time, the characters are an imaginative and well animated bunch. Rango tells the game’s story through a series of flashback sequences, as he hunts down pieces of mysterious metallic rocks and their origin, while surviving the bad bosses, elements of the old west and 8-bit arcade machines.

Rango: The Videogame

Rango: The Videogame is a third-person action game with many of the gameplay elements as seen in action platformers. Players will find side-scrolling areas, simple puzzle-solving involving the pushing and pulling of various cubed objects, rail-grinding sequences, boss battles, crate-bashing, zip lines, tightrope balancing acts, and several riding sequences (on roadrunners and bats). Rango is armed with a tricked-out popcorn blaster gun. Ammo is unlimited, but it takes a brief moment to cook up kernels and reload. A manual aim can be employed (although I found it didn’t work too well with Rango’s alternate sheriff costume), but for the most part the auto-lock aim is used. Another targeting feature used in some parts of the game is a bullet-time Golden Bullet shooting sequence. Players will need to steer a bullet in slow-motion and try to achieve a string of bull’s-eye hits. If Rango takes damage from enemies, hearts can be collected to replenish the health gauge. An auto-save checkpoint system keeps the frustration level down.

Watch a gameplay video clip below (or here).

Sheriff Stars are the currency of this wild west shoot-out. Sheriff Stars can be earned by smashing crates and defeating enemies. Wounded Bird, a character that appears at various points throughout levels, provides upgrades for Rango in exchange for Sheriff Stars. Various abilities, such as earning more Sheriff Stars from crates or an increased health gauge, can be upgraded up to three times. So there is plenty of incentive to hoard up the Sheriff Stars to reap gameplay benefits.

Experienced gamers will appreciate levels that are reminiscent of other games. Inspiration comes from games like Batman: Arkham Asylum‘s Scarecrow level, where Rango must avoid being spotted by a flashlight or the bat-riding level which reminded me a bit of Panzer Dragoon Orta. Another memorable level that gamers will love is the 8-bit level. Kudos to Behaviour Interactive for using old-school orange 8-bit blocks! :) Enemies are presented in pixelated blocks, much like those in 3D Dot Game Heroes. The ending level is a fun sequence that fans of the Star Wars trench run will likely enjoy. The environments in Rango: The Videogame were a treat. While not overly detailed with textures in most areas, the levels were varied and never got stale.

Watch a gameplay video clip below (or here).

Rango: The Videogame isn’t too difficult of a game, which is probably good for the younger players that it is intended for. There is no co-op or online play, so after a playthrough of the game there is little else to do other than power-up Rango completely and maybe try to find all the collectibles (mining spots and Mr. Timms) hidden throughout the levels. Trophies and Achievements aren’t to difficult to earn, but to get them all will likely take another playthrough. Levels can also be replayed once completed, which is good for earning more Sheriff Stars and discovering missed collectibles. Two additional alternate costumes, character bios and artwork are the unlockable extras. After the first playthrough, players will unlock all of them. Rango: The Videogame is a smooth presentation and a smooth playthrough. It’s lighthearted fun that is accessible to young gamers and fans of the film who want to continue the movie experience.


Watch a gameplay video clip below (or here).

Thanks to Paramount Digital Entertainment for making this review possible!

Rango: The Videogame Tall Tales trailer:
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