Street Fighter X Tekken

by Roly on March 26, 2012

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Street Fighter X Tekken
Available for PS3 and Xbox 360
Published and Developed by Capcom
Release Date: March 6, 2012

Game Summary:
Capcom has achieved potentially one of every fighting game fan’s biggest dreams by matching up their Street Fighter brawlers with those in the Tekken realm in an effortless fighting game. While there are a few hindrances preventing this game from sheer perfection, the well-balanced fight mechanics and characters coupled with tight controls, solid modes and presentation are sufficient to earn Street Fighter X Tekken praise it deserves.

We’ve become accustomed to the constant releases in the fighting genre from developers Capcom on a regular basis, and almost at times at a nauseating pace (see Ultimate, Super, etc. releases). This year’s edition from Capcom is a fighting game nerd’s biggest fantasy come to fruition. Since Capcom developed Street Fighter x Tekken, all mechanics used are primarily of the Street Fighter ilk with some minor inclusions that will be noticeable to the fans of Tekken. The game boasts a roster of 38 characters, with “DLC” (the data is already on the disc hence the quotes) for more characters, which I shall speak on further in the review.  There is a nice selection and balance to the characters selected to appear in the crossover fighter, each combatant having a direct partner that can be used in order to see specialized pre-fight intros, etc.

Street Fighter x Tekken players need not worry that the Tekken fighters are just skinned versions of their Capcom counterparts. The fighters have been custom tailored to have variations to the way they play in the Tekken universe.  The tag element in this game mimics the style of Tekken Tag Tournament where if one player on your team loses all their health you lose the round, which makes the game more interesting for this type of fighter. While the button layout is evidently your typical 6-button Capcom layout, the light and medium attack buttons will initiate left and right side attacks respectively for Tekken’s characters. The Tekken characters are very balanced in their original design with the ability to dash through projectiles and not giving a clear advantage to the developers’ intellectual property. On the core level of just the fighting itself, Street Fighter x Tekken provides sufficient enough variation to not create boredom for the player.

In every Capcom fighting game, or most fighters for that matter, there is usually some sort of new power-up gauge to help unleash super moves and combos.  Capcom tends to change the scheme for their power-ups with each new fighting game they release while still maintaining the familiar build-up gauge and unleash fury. For Street Fighter x Tekken there is a Gem system, divided into two Gem classes, the Assist type and the Boost type, whereas one will assist players in a defensive manner and the other in an offensive one.  Now at first I thought this would help cheapen the overall experience by giving newcomers an unfair footing against players who’ve spent time practicing its mechanics, but this isn’t an issue with this game.  To achieve the gem power-up effects you must complete a series of defensive or offensive moves, whether it be three projectile moves in a row to unlock the power of a Boost type Gem or the opposite for an Assist one, this keeps the gameplay fair for all experience types.

My complaints as far as Street Fighter x Tekken is concerned lie mainly in the persistent problems that are part of the online gameplay. There have been moments where I’m in the middle of a battle and the sound will mysteriously drop out for portions of the fight supposedly due to the new netcode used to setup matches in the game. Also the matchmaking is borderline horrid, where setting up online battles isn’t as quick and intuitive as say Mortal Kombat, while you could go and play offline and wait for someone online to challenge you like in an arcade I don’t think players paid $60 for that type of treatment.  Occasional lag in games can prove to be a nuisance but the occurrences are minor. Another issue gamers must wrap their heads around (that I mentioned earlier) is the inclusion of “DLC” characters on the disc inaccessible to players until future purchasable codes will allow the fighters to be unlocked, confirmed officially by Capcom and quite the shoddy tactic.

Even with these seemingly major issues to some, I still find myself returning to play Street Fighter x Tekken with excitement every time. The overall experience is best delivered with others in the actual room to truly bring out the depth and enjoyment contained in the game.  There is a sufficient amount of varied characters, moves and gameplay mechanics to keep you interested in playing, and that in its presentation is enough to make this latest Capcom fighter one of my all-time favorite fighters.

Game Rating:

4.75 out of 5 stars

4.75 out of 5 stars


Thanks to Capcom for making this review possible.

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