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Microsoft has announced that a new 500GB media option will be available for the Xbox 360 later this year.

The hard drive itself is set to a estimated retail price of $110, with pre-orders starting on Microsoft’s website soon. This will put the Xbox 360 on par with the Xbox One in terms of hard drive size making it easier to save movies, music, games and downloadable content.

The 500 GB hard drive upgrade will only be compatible with Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E versions, so original fat console owners will have to skip out of this.



The unique physics based game Gang Beasts has already hit the hands of popular Youtubers such as PewDiePie which you can view below.

Double Fine, who has already developed and published a handful of titles such as Brutal Legend, Stacking and the latest Kickstarter funded project Broken Age, will be adding Gang Beasts to their arsenal. If you follow Youtubers such as PewDiePie, you may have already seen some gameplay from this game.

The game itself is a goofy way of describing a brawler; Rag doll physics play a huge part in the game as you fight with short stubble arms. As a whole, it is just a very silly game to play with friends which should involve lots of laughs.

While the game itself is not fully completed yet, Gang Beasts will launch on August 29th, 2014 for Steam as part of Steam’s Early Access Program.



Hyrule Warriors was just released in Japan and as a result, the Japanese Nintendo eShop page for the game has some exciting news for people who have invested their hard-earned money on the game.

According to the Japanese Nintendo e-shop (Thanks @MrCoffeeCake!), Additional characters, weapons and scenarios may be launching for the game in the months. With this, we can expect our hack-and-slash career in the Hyrule Kingdom to extend beyond what is only on disc.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information regarding pricing or availability of the content overseas, but we have reached out to Nintendo for additional information.

Hyrule Warriors is set to launch on September 26th this year. What do you think of the idea of additional content for Hyrule Warriors? Let us know in the comments below!


The Evil Within Season Pass

Bethesda announced that their upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within, will be receiving additional paid content. Players will also have the option to purchase a season pass to obtain all DLC as they come out.

As it stands, there are 3 add-on packs planned for after the game’s release. The first piece of downloadable content will give players the chance to play The Keeper (as seen above) in a variety of new missions to test your skills while the other two will expand on the story of The Evil Within as you play as Juli Kidman, Sebastian Castellanos’ partner.

The season pass will be priced at $19.99 after the game launches on October 14th and will be made available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.


Razer Reveals New Chroma Feature

by Skyler Edgar on August 13, 2014

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One of the biggest gaming hardware designers, Razer, has announced a new feature called “Chroma” which will enable future Razer devices the ability to sync with software to provide a variety of lighting effects. The 2015/2016  models of the Deathadder Mouse, Kraken 7.1 Headset and the Blackwidow Ultimate Keyboard (As seen above) will support this feature out of the box; with more future accessories supporting this feature.

Razer also announced that a Chroma SDK will be made available to developers to help integrate this feature into their software. To get a concept on what you can expect, imagine getting shot and all your devices flashing red simultaneously or all of your devices pulsating blue when you receive a Skype call. This is just one of the many examples which will be possible with Razer’s new “Chroma” technology.

“Our new range of peripherals that feature Chroma customizable backlighting is another step towards full personal customization and to interconnect our gaming tech,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “Chroma represents more than just multicolor, it opens up limitless personalization options for gamers to play with and we even have a Chroma Software Developer Kit for game developers to integrate their games to provide even more customization in the future.”

For more information regarding the different lighting effects that Chroma will support, Click here.


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