A_Rival, revered game music impresario, releases debut solo album 8-Bit Pimp

by Roly on September 1, 2010

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A_RIVAL 8-bit pimp

A_Rival, who is no stranger to the gaming music production scene, has just released his debut solo album, 8-Bit Pimp. 8-Bit Pimp stands out amongst most music production, specifically most Hip-Hop production, being that it is produced entirely with the Nintendo Entertainment System Sound Chip.

The album is a blend of the Hip-Hop music genre and a newly adored genre in the general public known as Chiptune.  Chiptune hails from the area of San Francisco and was brought forth by DJs, producers and composers who sought to push the sound of old-school gaming as an art form.

A_RIVAL chiptunesA_Rival has been establishing his name amongst the gaming scene, notably with his Clamato Fever Remix on Super Street Fighter II HD Remix. The album 8-Bit Pimp sets the standard for the new amalgam genre, Chip-Hop.  It’s a blend of not only Hip-Hop and Nintendo Entertainment System audio synthesis, but also infuses high-energy Electro-House and Drum & Bass with a lyrical style that ranges from tumultuous, rapid-fire “Nerd Rhyming.” As of late, A_Rival has been on demand at gaming conventions, such as PAX, MagFest and E3.  A_Rival will be performing in September at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA.

“A_Rival stands at the apex of video game history and new music innovation.  The revolution is well underway, and it has an 8-Bit champion changing all the rules and setting the pace!” states Paul Lipson, President of the Game Audio Network Guild.

For more A_Rival info, please visit www.planetskill.com or myspace.com/8bitpimp.

  • http://twitter.com/Shaul8Bit Roly Gutierrez

    All I kept thinking about with “Aint Nothin’ but an NES Thang” was OOOOOH SHIIIIITTTTT he nailed the classic bassline (amongst other things) in 8-Bit NES glory. A_Rival is the truth!

  • http://www.gilismunny.com Gil Is Munny

    This just reminds me of Duane and Brando XD

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