Arma III announced from Bohemia Interactive; Coming Summer 2012 [screens]

by Geoff on May 19, 2011

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Arma III (PC)

If you have always wished for a more realistic military shooter, the Arma series is for you.  For over ten years, Bohemia Interactive has been improving on the formula they started with the original Operation Flashpoint.  Today they have announced that the third game in their Arma series is coming to PC next summer. With a tagline of “Survive, Adapt, Win,” Arma III will keep fans hooked throughout a new single-player campaign and tons of multiplayer modes that have given the series great fame within the PC community.

Developed using Bohemia Interactive’s new and improved Real Virtuality engine, Arma 3 will include even more customization and mod ability than any previous iteration.  Dedicated servers for both Windows and Linux will also be included in the package, making it available to an even wider audience. Creative Director Ivan Buchta had this to say about the announcement, “Our ambition is not only to deliver the next generation of Arma with the improved engine, but also to fully exploit the potential of our new technology in the gameplay. You can look forward to the unique experience of blending sandbox-style combat with a rich story.”

Arma 3 will be shown on the E3 show floor coming up on June 7th through June 9th but if you can’t wait, head here to the official site for more details.

See screenshots from Arma III below, or here in fullscreen.

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