Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PS3 warning – Backup your save file! Bug erases game progress

by Alex Morgen on October 10, 2010

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - corrupt save file

There’s an evil bug in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which causes an erase of save data. I can confirm it after losing my game save (first time this happened on my PS3), which happened right at the end of Chapter 3, “The Dark Lord of the Lycans.” Maybe not so coincidently where another user reported having the same problem (see here on  As with any autosave game, you’re given the warning to never power down when an autosave icon is on the screen or when the HDD access indicator is on. Nevertheless, this still happened on my PS3 system.

Upon loading Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, if you’ve previously played, the game’s save file is loaded. This is where the corrupt game file message may appear (“Unhandled Error”), which says “Save file corrupt, will now overwrite, press X to continue.” The only option is to hit the “X” button, which wipes your game save file clean and forces you to restart the game. A painful thing to have to go through, especially after investing hours in a game only to have to start over.

My advice to anyone playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is to backup your game save. It’s a crude workaround, and not the ideal solution, but until a patch is released it’s better than losing your game progress. Konami’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow only uses one autosave file. On the PlayStation 3, you will have to manually copy the save data by going to your PS3’s “Game” menu (XMB), selecting “Saved Data Utility (PS3),” finding the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game save file, hit the options (Triangle button) and selecting the “Copy” option. The bug reportedly happens on the Xbox 360 version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as well, but some reports say it’s only an annoying error message and doesn’t erase the game progress. It’s unknown how widespread a problem this is.

I’ve reached out to Konami for a comment and advice on what players can do, and if a fix is coming. As soon as a response is received, I will post an update. In the meantime, I advise players experiencing problems with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow report it to Konami Customer Support Center.

UPDATE 10/28/10 – A patch is now available for the PS3 save data issue. See more details here.

Sources –,,, and my corrupt Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PS3 game save.

  • 123

    Italian version for PS3, same problem after 2° chapter’s boss battle

  • Killersinxx

    wow that happened to me too, I was on the second part of the chapter 3 boss fight, was getting my butt handed to me.. so I quit to take a break and try again later, turned it on pressed accept like I always do. Then, “choose your difficulty”… I honestly think it has to do with that part of the game, but I read that someone lost it after nearly 20 hours, so it might be on certain parts, and if you’re lucky, as some have been, nothing will happen. Still I don’t have a device that will allow me to back up my save, so I haven’t even bothered playing again.

  • Lee

    It just happened to me. My save file was erased at Chapter 3 after the Dark Lord of Lycans as well. I probably won’t play this game again until they patch it.

  • GamingBits

    Same place I was at – fighting second part of Chapter 3 boss. I’m backing up now to a USB drive and a Memory Stick Pro. You should really keep 2 save files handy, because you don’t know when one will go corrupt and it’s better than starting from scratch. A pain to do it, but I don’t trust the save system at all in this game and would hate to lose the progress, unlocks and experience points (especially after 20 hours!).

  • Sin

    This happened to me while fighting the finale boss last night. Damn Konami, you guys need to fix this!

  • Mikeshizzle37

    i thnk it could be da demo to!
    while playn the demo of it, it shut my ps3 down and it will not cut bk on.
    the yellow light blinks fast thn it cuts bk off….

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  • Jevjnd2010

    This game should have been great, but it’s crap because it’s full of bugs apparently. It shuts my PlayStation 3 down during autosaves and I have to plug it back in. I updated firmware and the same thing happens. So far none of my other games do this by the way. I just erased all of the CastleVania data off of my PlayStation 3.

  • Paulie

    After playing the game yesterday and defeating the lord of the lycans I switched it on this morning and all my saves have been deleted with no explanation. Forty quid down the drain, you expect a game to do its most simple and expected task of saving your progress. They should withdraw the game from the shelves, refund people who have a bug filled game and re-release it when it actually works properly. This is just a developer rushing a game out for quick money. It’s simply not good enough, games cost too much for things like this to happen. I can’t even trade it in because of the bugs so I might as well use the disk as a cup place mat.

  • davey

    ii was at the end of Chapter 9, when this happened to me….i still cant fcking believe it….

  • Inked_koi

    Mine was/is right before I kill the end boss, boop “unhandled error” everytime! lamesocks!

  • Terrybogart75


  • Theresahowels

    so what it happened to me just as i was about to defeat lucifer and it erased all of my game

  • Rjmendoza77

    donwloaded and installed patch Oct29th….played fine for some days….Nov5th, trying to complete olrox trial..guess what..UNHANDLED ERROR AGAIN…the patch was supposed to correct issues…SCREW COX AND HIS PATCH….how do I get a message to him?

  • Yau Wai Luke

    hell lots of bugs and glitches

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