Charming ‘Level Up’ graphic novel coming in 2011

by Alex Morgen on December 13, 2010

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"Level Up" from First Second Books

Level Up tells the story of Dennis Ouyang, a dreamer and video game fanatic. Mesmerized by his first arcade game experience with PAC-MAN and games like Super Mario Bros., he soon finds his passion for gameplay caving to a medical career pressured on by his parents. A thoughtfully presented story by Gene Luen Yang and charming watercolor artwork by Thien Pham, Level Up tells the tale of an adolescent’s challenges of gaming, academics and parents.

"Level Up" from First Second Books

Level Up is an upcoming graphic novel from First Second Books. The story of Dennis is one that many can relate to. Whether you are an aspiring professional gamer, game developer, game reviewer, or just have a dream locked away in your heart, you can definitely relate to the trials of Dennis. Each chapter is presented as a level, where Dennis struggles with his father’s desire to see him succeed as a gastroenterologist. Soon after his father’s passing, the pressures only haunt him more. Four guardian angels, manifested by a long lost card from his father, guide Dennis through his trials of study as he questions his own dreams.

For anyone who is struggling or in search of their passion, Level Up is an engrossing and captivating story. It will have you contemplating your pursuits in life, all while enjoying a well written and illustrated story. Level Up from First Second Books is scheduled to be in stores on June 7, 2011 (available for pre-order here). Keep a lookout for this heartwarming tale of video games, life’s demands, and living your dream.


Thanks to First Second Books for providing the advance copy preview!

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