OnLive gets more social: In-game Achievements, Friend Finder, and auto Brag Clip recording

by Alex Morgen on April 14, 2011

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OnLive Achievements

OnLive has announced and released a new update to their on-demand gaming service, sure to make it more appealing to players. The latest update supports in-game achievements, an easy way to find more OnLive friends via the OnLive Friend Finder and a new auto recording of Brag Clip videos that are triggered once players have hit a key point in a game.

Games that support Achievements, and Points, will display the amount of Achievements available on the game page via the OnLive Marketplace or on your game list. Look for “Points” and “Achievements” to see if a game supports it (for example, Homefront and Red Faction: Guerilla support the OnLive Achievements & Points). OnLive players can also check their friend’s Personal Stats to see how they are doing in their games. See more details on how Achievements work in OnLive here.

Using the OnLive Friend Finder, OnLive users can enter a friend’s Gmail address or tag to add to their Friend List. Send an email to Gmail addresses to invite friends to join you in OnLive games. More details are here. Email notifications can also be set for friend requests, chats and video sharing.

Another feature added is the automatic recording of Brag Clips, OnLive’s unique video capture of gameplay. OnLive has identified key moments of a game with game developers, where Achievements are also triggered, to capture a gameplay clip players will want to show off.

Log into OnLive now for the quick update that delivers more social gameplay features, both expected in today’s gaming world and unique available in the OnLive on-demand gaming service.

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