PAC-MAN toys coming soon to Wendy’s Kids’ Meal

by Alex Morgen on March 6, 2011

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PAC-MAN Wendy's Kids' Meal promo Bag some PAC-MAN Party fever from Wendy’s soon. Namco Bandai is partnering with Wendy’s to offer a variety of PAC-MAN tabletop (and tag) games packed inside of Wendy’s Kids’ Meals. The promo continues the 30 years of PAC-MAN celebration and the latest PAC-MAN Party Wii game.

Here are the five different promotional PAC-MAN items beings offered:
(see images of each below, or here)

  • PAC-MAN Maze Craze
  • PAC-MAN Tag Game
  • PAC-MAN Hide and Seek
  • PAC-MAN Dash Game
  • PAC-MAN Bowling

Watch for the Wendy’s Kids’ Meal PAC-MAN promotion at, or the official PAC-MAN facebook page.

UPDATE 3/8/11: PAC-MAN toys are now available in Wendy’s Kids’ Meals! See more details here.

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