Play as Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke in MySims SkyHeroes [video]; play now in demo

by Alex Morgen on September 23, 2010

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MySims SkyHeroes - Issac Clarke

Not that the kids playing MySims SkyHeroes would know anything about Isaac Clarke, but if you’re planning on playing with the younger kids, you can slide in a code for playing as Isaac Clarke. A little video parody from EA, which you can check out from the link down below, shows the super-deformed and cute version of Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke. In MySims SkyHeroes, you will be able to enter a code at the game’s title screen to unlock Isaac Clarke as a playable character. As a matter of fact, a demo for MySims SkyHeroes was just released on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, which allows you to play as Isaac Clarke in it.

Download the MySims SkyHeroes demo from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace (or queue it up to your Xbox 360 from Once you’re at the game’s main menu, enter the following sequence of buttons: LB LB LB RB RB RB LB RB

You’ll then be able to race as Isaac Clarke! Doesn’t look like he has his Plasma Cutter, so you’ll just have to select a power-up of choice and a cool plane to leave everyone in the dust! MySims SkyHeroes will be available next week for various platforms.

MySims SkyHeroes - Issac Clarke

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