Transformers Universe teaser trailer, concept art and more unveiled

by Alex Morgen on June 14, 2011

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Transformers Universe (MMO)

Jagex Games Studios and Hasbro are preparing Transformers Universe, an action MMO scheduled to arrive in 2012. Several pieces of concept art and a teaser trailer have been released. Watch a brief teaser trailer for Transformers Universe below, or here on YouTube. See the concept art of environments and a few Transformers here in fullscreen.

Transformers Universe (MMO)In Transformers Universe, players can select between Autobots and Decepticons. Transformers can be customized by appearance, weapons and other items. The Transformers MMO will be set in “Prime” timeline (War for Cybertron game). Much more is to be revealed on Transformers Universe, but Jagex Games Studios did note that “conflict, teamwork, and social regard (the AUTOBOTS caring for the humans)” will be some of the gameplay elements.

Visit the official website of Transformers Universe at Register at the website for updates on the game and for notification when Beta signups are available.

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