Speck iPad case giveaway – enter to win an iPad case of your choice! [9/21 to 9/24]

by Alex Morgen on September 21, 2010

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Speck iPad cases

Speck is offering readers of GamingBits the opportunity to win an iPad case of choice! Speck has a lineup of minimal, yet stylized iPad cases that offer a variety of textures, colors and protection. Throughout this week (9/21/10 to 9/24/10), GamingBits will be offering a giveaway of the Speck iPad cases below. Entering is easy!

Speck iPad casesTo enter, all you have to do is:
1 – Leave a comment below (with your Twitter name) of your favorite Speck iPad case. That is the one you’ll be entered to win (see the iPad cases at speckproducts.com).

2 – Send the following message on Twitter: “I entered to win my favorite Speck iPad case from @GamingBits. Enter too! http://t.co/nYHsOHm #ipad”

Some brief, but important, contest rules: This contest is open to North America only. Five winners will be randomly selected. One winner will be selected from Speck iPad comments posted on 9/21 to 9/23, with two winners selected on 9/24. Winners will be contacted via Twitter on the follow day.

Here are more details from Speck on the iPad cases up for grabs:

SeeThru Satin – Protect and get a soft, grippy feel on your iPad with this soft-touch coated hard-shell case. Flip back the docking panel and dock with the case still on. Available in Blue, Black and Purple for $49.95.

Speck iPad casesSeeThru – Clearly awesome, SeeThru cases shine with hard shell protection and useful functionality. Like the SeeThru Satin, it is also dockable. Available in Clear for $49.95.

PixelSkin – The tactile pixel texture and perfect amount of “squish” is what makes this rubberized iPad case so grippy in-hand and famously protective. Available in Black, Indigo and Green for $39.95.

CandyShell – This iPad case has a thin, hard-shell coating with soft rubbery interior lining, bezel, & button covers. Includes flip back docking panel. Available in Batwing Black, NightShade Purple, GoGo White for $49.95.

Fitted – Sleek, stylish, a hint of sophistication and smarts; this hard-shell case with matte soft-touch coating becomes even more impressive if you match the fabric-wrapped back to your outfit, scarf, or tie. Available in Houndstooth Grey, Fadeaway Gray/Black/Green, Fadeaway Grey/Black/Pink, Classic Plaid Pink/Grey and Black and White Plaid for $49.95.

Speck iPad casesShieldView – Protect your iPad screen with ShieldView screen film packs! 2 highly sophisticated static-cling screen protectors stick to your device screen perfectly and without any bubbles or annoying peeling corners, yet leave no residue and can be easily removed and even repositioned. Available for $24.95.

PixelShield – This unique sleeve provides a three layer safe harbor for the iPad on the go. A textured neoprene exterior with integrated handle makes your iPad easy to carry while keeping it protected. Available in Black/Grey and Red for $39.95.

PixelSleeve PLUS – Protective, portable and lightweight. A stretchy neoprene skin snugs up to the iPad, while a tough, flexible reinforced middle layer guards against rough handling and impacts. Inside, a soft micro-fleece lining and padded zipper protect against scratches. Available in Black/Grey for $39.95.

Thanks to Speck, who is sponsoring this giveaway! Good luck!

  • Jessica Y.

    Wow! Amazing giveaway! My favorite Speck iPad case has to be the SeeThru for iPad – it’s super sleek and awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/psdeuce Steve Turoscy

    Have to go with Batwing Black… simply because of the name.

  • http://twitter.com/kaflickinger74 Kimberly Flickinger

    Kimberly Flickinger @kaflickinger74 Tweeted

  • http://twitter.com/xoshirleylin shirley lin

    I’d love to win the SeeThru – it looks classy and would protect my Ipad all year round whether it be travelling with me or simply bringing it to class :) Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Twitter Name: xoshirleylin

  • http://twitter.com/kaflickinger74 Kimberly Flickinger

    Favorite is the See-Thru

  • Yiyox

    yiyox :) and I’ll like the nightshade purple candyshell

  • http://twitter.com/Pochoco310 Pochoco

    Oh boy will love to have SeeThru in blue!

  • Epic800

    I really like the CandyShell.

  • http://twitter.com/Epic800 Darrick Baker

    I really like the CandyShell case (@epic800)

  • Breyana

    The Purple CandyShell is my Favorite


  • Hntjohnson

    Man I like the Speck Candy Shell in BatWing Black.
    Twitter: Hntjohns

  • http://twitter.com/h1w1nd Jared

    Candyshell Please!

  • Gianpy

    I’d love to win the SeeThru for my iPad to use with a skin underneath :-)

    Twitter username – @plooneytunes

  • Captinchaos

    I like the candy shell indiwhoah

  • Nathanwentworth

    Twittername: n8yboi candyshell plz

  • http://ryanhaylett.com/ Ryan Haylett

    I like the batwing black candyshell.

    I’m @GeneralRoshambo on twitter

  • Fidney78

    Blue Indi’woah Candyshell. I’m @GCFD191

  • GrillaRays

    The SeeThru Satin is my favorite @GrillaRays

  • ming t

    I like the SeeThru Satin the best

  • Anonymous

    I like the see theough satin in purple.

  • yourtechreviewz

    I’m a huge fan of the speck candyshell, I have it for the iPhone 3G and I’m getting it for the iPhone 4!

    @yourtechreviewz on twitter

  • ming t
  • Hrudy19

    Hrudy19 loves the Seethru for Ipad

  • Guest

    Me likey.


  • http://twitter.com/cappytweet J
  • http://twitter.com/cappytweet J

    I like the Fitted for iPad – Fadeaway LightGray
    twitter: @cappytweet

  • NeboBeads

    My favorite iPad case is the Houndstooth Gray. I am @NeboBeads on twitter & tweeted here:

  • http://twitter.com/DedrickWelch DedrickWelch
  • Kathy Scott

    @idahomom7 likes Fadeaway LightGray

  • Breyana

    Speck CandyShell

    Twitter: Missy7777777

  • http://twitter.com/xoshirleylin shirley lin

    Would love the seethru clear :)
    twitter: xoshirleylin

  • Debramp

    I love the Candy Shell in Nightshade Purple! Hoping* thanks for a great giveaway


  • Debramp
  • http://twitter.com/Kynyption Kynyption Das

    I love the speck products, have them on all my iOS devices. Personally i like the look of the Fitted Fadaway Gray.

  • http://twitter.com/gadgetman007 Chris

    The CandyShell (BatWing Black) looks pretty sweet!


  • http://twitter.com/Pochoco310 Pochoco

    Woot See-Thru blue!

  • @xtctech


    Hope I win the candyshell in blue

  • Sarah Willson

    My favorite: the CandyShell in IndiWhoa blue

  • LeeAnn P.

    I like the CandyShell for iPad – NightShade Purple

  • http://twitter.com/Jainc78 John Rodriguez


    I like Candyshell in white!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jillyrh Jillyrh

    I woud love to win The CandyShell (BatWing Black) @jillyrh

  • http://www.twitter.com/jillyrh Jillyrh
  • Chinceomaco

    I really like the Batwing Black CandyShell iPad case.

    Twitter = _M317

  • http://twitter.com/sdf1skull Roy Fokker

    I like the see thru case so I can show off my iPad.


  • Ledoux289

    I really like the Fitted iPad case in black and white plaid.

    twitter – Ledoux289

  • http://twitter.com/Pochoco310 Pochoco

    Blue SeeThru ftw :)

  • dudekstudio
  • Hilleldave

    hope I win!

  • dudekstudio

    love the SeeThru – @dudekstudio

  • http://twitter.com/kancer kancer

    I love the batwing black Candyshell. They are all really nice cases though. Twitter @kancer

  • Really

    I’d like the white candyshell case
    Thank you.

  • Vanessa

    I love the candy shell batwing black ipad case! and I’m following on twitter user name vmsweet123

  • Vanessa

    link to tweet: http://twitter.com/vmsweet123/status/25458732977 user vmsweet123

  • http://manyzeni.blogspot.com/ PennyZeni

    I love CandyShell – in GoGo White or Nightshade Purple. Twitter @PennyZeni
    Thanks for this great contest!

  • http://twitter.com/Pochoco310 Pochoco

    Will love to have in my hands the SeeThru in blue :)

  • Gianpy

    Would love to have the Seethru in Clear!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AFCR3XJT7PUKXJKWXZVE424TTI Gorden Brown

    i like the Candyshell

  • http://www.iphoneipadproducts.com/ iPad Case

    That giveaway looks great! I want to have one. :)

  • 19apearson

    I want the candy shell in purple

  • Bobby

    Loving the purple one

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