Nintendo cautions the use of Nintendo 3DS for children under six years old

by Alex Morgen on December 30, 2010

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Nintendo Japan posted a disclaimer on its Nintendo World 2011 website, cautioning that the Nintendo 3DS is intended for players over the age of six. The reason? The 3D glasses-free 3DS technology may impair a child’s visual development. Here is a translation from the Nintendo World 2011 website, as posted on

“For children under the age of six, looking at 3-D images for a long time could possibly have a negative impact on the growth of their eyes.”

Nintendo is advising if children under the age of six want to play on the Nintendo 3DS, the device’s 3D Depth Slider switch needs to be turned down to the 2D-only mode (Off level). Nintendo is set to make an announcement on the Nintendo 3DS release in North America on January 19th. The price of the 3DS in North America has not been announced yet, but anything over $200 and I would advise children under the age of six to stay away from it as well. Reservations on the Nintendo 3DS are now being taken at GameStop stores in North America and Canada with a $50 deposit (see more details here).

More specifications on the Nintendo 3DS are available here.

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