Rumor: Nintendo 3DS release date, price shows up in GameStop Canada pre-order list [picture]

by Alex Morgen on November 23, 2010

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Nintendo 3DS listed in GameStop pre-order list

Have you been itching to pre-order the Nintendo 3DS? According to an anonymous tip, GameStop and EB Games stores in Canada (unconfirmed for the US) are now taking pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS. As seen in the picture above from a GameStop store, a release date is listed for March 20, 2011 along with a price of $299.99 (CAD). According to the anonymous source, there are no specific pre-orders for the colors of the handheld (Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue), however gamers in Canada can now head out and check with their local GameStop or EB Games store to put a pre-order deposit towards the 3DS (minimum deposit could be $5 or $50).

Keep in mind this is only GameStop’s estimate and no news is concrete until we hear word from Nintendo regarding the price and release date. also no longer shows the temporary Nintendo 3DS notification sign-up page when searching for “Nintendo 3DS” on their website (it can be accessed directly via this older link). Could more details be coming from Nintendo America soon? Keep a lookout on for more details on the Nintendo 3DS and pre-order availability!

UPDATE 12/30/10: GameStop North America stores are taking pre-order reservations of the 3DS with a $50 deposit. Read the details here on how to secure your launch Nintendo 3DS.

For more details on the Nintendo 3DS, see our “Everything you need to know” feature here.

  • Helena Rico

    OMG, I’m going to return my RED bundle, lol…

    That’s awesomE!

  • Ryan

    How come Kid Icarus isn’t spelled right? Why’s that “n” there?

  • Zorathan

    Looks fake-

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  • Esteban Miramontes

    besides spelling kid icarus wrong it comes out on march 1st. why would a game come out before the system? that would be ridiculous.

  • Anon

    It is just a typo, It is given a March 1st release date due to Gamestops Estimate. Just like stated in the article, Gamestop does a lot of estimating for the first of each month. Since the handheld is given a March 20th release window, it seems more accurate to say the least. Hope that clears up some confusion.

  • Slow_cloud

    At first I thought I dies, but now I am back alive.

  • Carte ds

    Maybe a mistake, but the price is acceptable, just not sure when it’s available here in HongKong.

  • samuel

    Lol Who took the time to put this fake thing up >_>! I can say that kid icarus $35 seems right. But $300 seems outrageous. They would not drop the price of the DSI and DSI XL. My guess of decent price will be $190-$250 and Probably with the Trade in your old DS. $250= 190 or 200
    or $210= $160 or $190

  • Kumori

    Are you keeping in mind the 3D screen, Gyro sensor, The ability for the camera to tell how far your face is from the screen, AND the analog ect.?

    Keeping all that in mind I think it’s actually fairly well priced: A good portion of my friends and quite frankly-they are Nintendo geeks- knowing everything about them as possible. And they agree with me, hell their estimated prices were from 250-360$ without tax.

    I’m glad that this is 60$ less than i thought i was going to need to pay for it ^^

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