Sonic Colors (Wii, DS) release date confirmed for November 16, 2010 [new video]

by Alex Morgen on August 6, 2010

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Sonic Colors - final game cover art

Today SEGA of America has announced the release date for the next Sonic Wii and DS game, Sonic Colors. The release date is set for November 16, 2010 for both Nintendo platforms. Also bringing the final touches to the game before release, SEGA released the cover art for the game.

See the Sonic Colors Wii cover art here.
See the Sonic Colors DS cover art here.

A very bright and colorful cover, fitting for the latest Sonic game. The Wii version of Sonic Colors is very fast paced, which has many alternate routes along levels. The DS version is a great looking 2D platformer as well. And remember, pre-order soon to get the ultimate Sonic accessory, the Sonic Hat, available exclusively from GameStop (pre-order for DS here or for the Wii here).

Source: SEGA US Blog


    I wish they would simplify the controls for the Wii version. I miss only having to press a couple of buttons so even my 4 year old can play.

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