Over ten PlayStation Move gun controller accessories; dual wield or build your gun as you please

by Alex Morgen on September 20, 2010

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PlayStation Move guns

Now that Sony’s PlayStation Move controller is available, you can be assured there are plenty of accessories lined up such as guns. These guns are not to be mistaken for Nerf Ballistic Ball toys or white Wii gun peripherals. Some go for a sci-fi feel, while others (especially outside of North America) go for a more realistic feel.

The gun accessories can be used with PlayStation Move compatible games such as Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, The Shoot and more (some controller configurations may combine both the PlayStation Move controller the PlayStation Move Navigation controller in one). *Note: Check on compatibility of game and gun configuration, as this may vary by game.

Check out and click on the PlayStation Move gun accessories below for details on the price and availability.

PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment by Sony Computer Entertainment
This gun peripheral, or rather, a shooting attachment, is the most far removed from any type of a real gun. The color and form factor distinguish it from all the other guns here.

The guns of PlayStation Move

MOVE Precision Shot 3 by InterWorks Unlimited
This gun does have a sight alignment, but just the thought of looking down the scope causes a piercing sensation from my eyes to the back of my skull. That minor observance aside, the optional grip attachment could make for a nice Tommy Gun, depending on how developers implement the configuration.

PlayStation Move gun accessory

3DShot for PS3 Move (in red or in blue)
by Mad Catz

If simplicity but pistol form is what you’re after, select from the red or blue Mad Catz 3DShot.

PlayStation Move gun accessory

PS3 Special Ops Shooter for PS Move by Hyperkin
For those wanting a beefier pistol, check out this Special Ops PS Move gun accessory.

PlayStation Move gun accessory

PS3 Move Battle Rifle by ICON
The Battle Rifle has a unique break-away transforming design, allowing you to configure it in rifle or a pistol form as you please. The PlayStation Navigation controller also snugs into the handle.

PlayStation Move gun accessory

PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment by Sony Computer Entertainment
Set for release in February 2011, Sony’s Sharp Shooter rifle combines the functionality of the PlayStation Move Controller and PS Move Navigation Controller. It’s designed especially for use with games like Killzone 3, Dead Space Extraction, Time Crisis Razing Storm, and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs.

PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment

SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals Full Deployment Edition by Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony bundles up the Sharp Shooter Attachment along with everything you need for the complete PlayStation Move gameplay experience (PlayStation Move controller, PlayStation Move Navigation Controller, PlayStation Eye). Saves you $70 compared to buying the items included separately. Limited time deal.

SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals Full Deployment Edition

PS3 Move Assault Rifle Controller by CTA
Features buttons on the rifle, as found on PS3 Dualshock controller. Even includes rumble effect and built-in speaker for sound effects.

PS3 Move Assault Rifle Controller by CTA

PS3 Move Blaster Combo Pack by DreamGear
The Move Blaster Pro houses both the PlayStation Move Controller and Navigation Controller in one shotgun-like form. The pistol controller features a rubberized grip.

PS3 Move Combo Blaster Pack

PlayStation Move Submachine Gun by CTA
Houses both the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller and the PlayStation Move controller. Features a removable scope and stock.

PlayStation Move Submachine Gun

Dual Shot (2-Pack) by ICON
Dual wielding guns! Is there a PS Move game which supports that? Not sure, but imagine the possibilities. Good set for co-op shooting games, with different translucent colored plastic to avoid confusion.

PlayStation Move gun accessory

Here are more PlayStation Move gun accessories, which are available outside of North America:
(*note: US Customs will not allow importing black colored guns into North America due to gun laws. Black colored toy guns are not permitted in US.)

PlayStation Move Hand Gun by Crown

PlayStation Move gun accessory

Peacemaker Gun by SpeedLink

PlayStation Move gun accessory

Venom Move Shooter by Venom

PlayStation Move gun accessory

Hubb Accessories Gun Move Compatible by Hubb

PlayStation Move gun accessory

Logic3 Move Machine Gun by Logic3

PlayStation Move gun accessory

Logic3 Move Sports Gun by Logic3

PlayStation Move gun accessory

PlayStation Move Big 3 Gun Shooting Perfect Pack by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan

PlayStation Move gun accessory

No word if any accessory manufacturer is producing a shark-like PlayStation Move gun. Spotted any other cool or unusual PS3 PlayStation Move gun accessories? Let us know with your comment(s)!

  • Anonymous

    I will absolutely not work with RE5:Gold Edition due to the fact it uses the Move button to shoot and not the trigger.

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  • Anonymous

    I know…..I think they need to change Resident Evil’s button layout to be totally customizable.

    Using the move button for shooting is ridiculous.

    Especially if you have the Nav Controller, one of the triggers on that could be held to go into shooting mode, and then use the trigger on the move controller like a normal human.

    I played last night for 20 min and my friggin wrist hurt from holding the move weird to shoot with the move button.

    Weak sauce right there.

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  • Mafinc8mike0

    Recently purchased move love sports archery, very excited about future games but have a big issue.I bought resident evil 5 gold, I know its been out and only move compatible but for christ sake whats up with the button layout, the most rushed lacking innovation and dissapointing add ever. lISTEN FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON’T NO,YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NOT BE ABLE TO USE A GUN INCERT BECAUSE PULLING THE TRIGGER ON THE MOVE CONTROLLER ONLY PULLS OUT YOUR GUN YOU HAVE TO PRESS THE MOVE BUTTON ON TOP TO FIRE, MEANING ONCE LOCKED INTO GUN ATTACHMENT YOU WILL NOT ONLY HAVE TO PULL TRIGGER WHICH IS SYNCD UP WITH MOVE TRIGGER BUT HAVE TO REACH ON TOP OF THE GUN TO THE OPEN SPACE WHICH HAS PS3 MOVE BUTTON REVEILED AND THEN PUSH THAT BUTTON TO FIRE,HAVE A BUTTON CHANGING IDES IN CONTROLLER SETUP, i DID TO BUT NO YOU CAN ONLY SWITCH THE CONTROLLS FOR ONE BUTTON THE RUN BUTTON.When have they,sony,capcom ever not given you the option of switching your buttons.I mean come on were talking about the same company that released street fighter, everybody knows that people are all different and play with different button schems,I don’t no maybe minor to you but I thought it was ridiculous if i’m wrong please help me mafinc80@yahoo.com

  • Mafinc80mike

    hallelujah, thankyou peeps for reponding,I always get excited when my point, voice is heard,anyways much appreciated, can anyone help me with my eye camera.Recently bought start the party because of my son sammuel, great idea but another rushed game an rushed options, settings, 4 players, multiplayer but have to share,trade controllers,wow sony I didnt no you were putting out and working with such amateurs, my problem really is that my reflection image,augmented reality picture is dirty an full of static.All the videos and demos for this game start the party have very clean images and pictures,when we play we can hardley see ourselves and when we look at our players its very blurry, we have good lighting,37″ lcd flat and are using wide view,please help mafinc80@yahoo.com

  • mike

    Is start the parties augmented reality picture in the tv a gimmick or what,I no it works but my reflection picture is full of static an nowhere near the quality of the demos ,videos and advertisments,when my family and I try to play we at least want to see each other, I mean having to pass the controller on a four ,4 player game is bad enough huh?

  • Harry_brice

    This guns need to make the move button and the 4 other buttons on the top of the move remote have access for the same hand thats pulling the trigger. Otherwise were gonna have to keep shifting one hand to the top of the gun to press the buttons. Either leaving the trigger or the navigation remote, ultimately slowing down game play and making for a less natural feel. None of these guns exhibit a solution to this problem………Very disappointing.

  • Deepee0

    I think it takes the developers of the games to ‘fix’ this problem. you should be able to switch the function of the Move controller’s buttons with the Navigation controller’s buttons. that way, holding the end of the ‘barrel’ with your left hand would let you hold the navigation controller in your right hand – as the handle of the gun – and let you pull the ‘trigger’ of the handle and fire your gun, even tho technically the Move controller is in your left hand. just sayin.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Edgarska

    hahaha, move

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