PlayStation Move controller in short supply; initial stock selling out

by Alex Morgen on September 30, 2010

in Sony PlayStation News Bits

PlayStation Move ControllerSony’s PlayStation Move controller was introduced just over a week ago and it looks like initial stock is selling out. Curious to see how the Sports Champions PS3 game played with two PlayStation Move controllers, I set out on a search online and at local stores. I soon discovered that retailers online were low on stock, backordered, or sold out of the PS Move controller. This includes (2 to 4 week delivery estimates),,, (2-4 week est.), and even Sony’s own Some online retailers did have stock at the time of this writing, which include, and

With the majority of online retailers selling out, I headed out to see what the PlayStation Move controller inventories were like in stores. From the three local stores I visited (Best Buy, GameStop and Toys R Us), only Toys R Us had stock. Their inventory was very slim with one lone PlayStation Move controller available.

A PlayStation 3 system can support up to four PlayStation Move controllers at a time. You can see how the demand may be particularly strong on the PlayStation Move controller, versus the one required PlayStation Eye camera and the optional PlayStation Move Navigation Controller. Players looking to dual-wield PlayStation Move controllers or play multiplayer PlayStation Move games may face dealing with shortages.

This is by no means a broad study of PlayStation Move inventory or sales, but a personal experience I had looking for an additional PlayStation Move controller. Could this mean supply of the PlayStation Move controller will be slim for the holiday season? I reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment America for a comment on how they see inventory, supply and demand on their side. How has the PlayStation Move controller stock been in your area?

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  • billybobjohnboy

    Nice to see it’s selling well. Stores might not of been stocked well though because Sony wasn’t expecting big sales. I think the further away from launch day, the better it will sell. When friends start using their friends Move and see how accurate and lag free it is and how much fun it is, that’s what will sell it. I’ve had mine since launch and I really like it. A skeptical friend of mine tried it and now he’s getting one. Neither my friend nor I was impressed watching videos of it. It’s only when you use it do you understand how great it works.

  • Jscheeler1

    I can’t find it anywhere in the Las Vegas area its crazy I want to get the full experience and I can’t its kind of annoying I’m looking forward to the fighting game coming out and there is no way you can play that with one controller if I was that game manufacturer I would be having a heart attack I don’t understand the thought process behind making enough cameras but not enough controllers if your not ready to realease the system to its full potential then don’t people spend money to enjoy the product but they can’t enjoy it to its full potential Wich is disappointing please put out more controllers how annoying

  • Dt_lim89

    Its sold out here in Singapore too. The buy one move controller for half the price with the starter pack bundle was stopped after a day into launch. Nice business there sony

  • Dave

    I’ve managed to order a starter pack, but I want another controller and they’re sold out EVERYWHERE in the UK too, it seems. Not too surprised though, as Christmas is near. I just want 2 controllers to arrive at the same time!

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