PlayStation Move Heroes demo preview [video]

by Alex Morgen on February 26, 2011

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PlayStation Move Heroes

PlayStation Move Heroes (PS3) Sony Computer Entertainment America and developer Nihilistic Software will be releasing a demo for PlayStation Move Heroes next week. Iconic characters from PlayStation games Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper are available for play in PlayStation Move Heroes. The demo will give players a sampling of five games included in PlayStation Move Heroes. Each game uses the PlayStation Move Controller and PlayStation Move Navigation Controller (or the standard PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 controller if you do not have a Navigation Controller).

The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller works for character movement, while the PlayStation Move controller is used to guide an object (such as a disc or bowling ball) or wield a weapon (shooting, whipping and hitting), with accurate 1:1 movement. The mini-games are timed challenges, with various power-ups and bonus items scattered throughout the levels. Watch a brief preview of each event below for a sampling of what to expect in PlayStation Move Heroes.

Watch the video below, showing the challenges included in the demo (or here):

Survive a Deathbot Uprising (Survival)
This demo allows you to play as Sly. Players must survive three waves of enemies. A “Super Strike” power attack lets Sly deliver crushing blows to multiple enemies at once. Enemies also can be latched onto and tossed with the whip (your Motion Controller). Sly’s special ability, Thief Time, can be unleashed once enough crystals are collected.

Watch a brief gameplay video below (or here):

Could You Be So Bowled (Jailbreak)
Players control Jak in this demo game. Players must try to destroy as many Whibble cages (up to 15) within one minute and 45 seconds. This is basically tossing and guiding a bowling ball using the motion controller to destroy cages. Ramps allow for a speed boost to reach cages positioned further away.

Watch a brief gameplay video below (or here):

Whibble Trouble (Rescue)
In this Rescue demo gameplay mode, players control Ratchet. Throughout the level, Whibblets are hidden. Recover and return as many Whibblets as possible (up to 5) to the Mama Whibble. Enemies will try to impede your rescue efforts, which you can knock and bash using the motion controller. Connect enough crystals and distract enemies to dancing to Ratchet’s special ability, the Groovitron.

Watch a brief gameplay video below (or here):

Industrial Revolutions (Jailbreak)
Players control Bentley in this demo, who must break free captured Whibbles from their cages scattered throughout the level. Bentley must navigate throughout various platforms and collect discs. The discs can be flung with the PlayStation Motion Controller and guided throughout the environment. The challenge is finding and breaking all ten cages before the time expires.

Watch a brief gameplay video below (or here):

A Mine of Their Own (Rescue)
For this demo, players control Clank. This is another find and rescue variation like Whibble Trouble. Players use the Navigation controller to move Clank throughout the level. The Motion Controller is used to aim and fire at enemies. Use Clank’s special Zoni summoning ability to clear out enemies.

Watch a brief gameplay video below (or here):

PlayStation Move Heroes will be available on March 22, 2011 (pre-order here for the bonus Trillium Armor Ratchet, Freedom League Jak, and Pirate Sly characters). For more details on PlayStation Move Heroes, visit

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