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Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem ForeverDuke Nukem Forever
Available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
Game Developer: Gearbox Software, 3D Realms, Triptych Games,
Publisher: 2K Games
Release date: June 14, 2011
Official website: dukenukem.com

Game rating: 3.25 out of 5

Review summary:
The long-awaited return of Duke Nukem is bittersweet. Duke Nukem Forever is filled with crass jokes and some humorous pokes at other games. What holds the Duke back are the lower quality graphic details when compared to current generation Unreal Engine based games and especially long in-between level and game continue loading time. Still, there is only one place you can go to get this level of humor and over-the-top action, and that is from Duke Nukem. A few environmental puzzles and some knuckle-blistering boss battles are among the best offerings. Unlockables provide concept art, clips of an older version of Duke Nukem Forever, and a nice history of the struggles of bringing Duke Nukem Forever to fruition. Multiplayer gameplay also extends the game life with an experience system and a penthouse to decorate with unlockable prizes. Players who won’t get flustered by the juvenile jokes will have fun with an action hero stereotype from the 80’s/90’s and let loose with Duke Nukem Forever.

Read the full review here.

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Duke Nukem Forever - Shrinkage

Another week, another trailer for the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever, coming from Gearbox Software and 2K Games.  The lastest trailer shows some interesting new mechanics, including mini Duke fighting pig cops throughout a restaurant and kitchen.

The tagline is “Bigger doesn’t always mean better” and it looks like you will spend some time as a little dude. Of course, there are plenty of innuendos and jokes told so be prepared. Look for Duke Nukem Forever to arrive on June 14th, out right after E3 2011.  I can’t wait to play more of the game.

Watch the video here on 2K Game’s YouTube Channel.

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Duke Nukem Forever - Cycloid

Remember when Duke Nukem was an internet meme?  Well, Duke Nukem Forever will finally will be out on May 5, 2011, from Gearbox Software and not the original developer, 3D Realms. I had a chance to play an Xbox 360 build of the game on the show floor of PAX East.  Yes, there was a throne, and many fine ladies dressed up as school girls showing off the game, but how did it play?  Well, you start off in a bathroom/locker room and just about everything can be interacted with, including the “facilities” and even a white board.

You start off the demo where it all ended, fighting a gigantic monster in a football stadium.  This is the tutorial level that ends with you destroying the monster with rockets and then the game transitions to Duke playing a video game and ladies standing up from doing things.  This ends the first area and you move to an area that has Duke driving in a flame-riddled monster truck to rescue those gorgeous ladies.  The environment looks good, but doesn’t have a ton of life.  Remember, this is a preview build of the game and may be edited in time for release.  In this area, you run out of gas and search for some fuel, all the while fighting space pigs.

Duke Nukem Forever - Xbox 360The weapons you are able to use throughout the demo are staples of the franchise: shotgun, pistol with laser sight, rocket launcher and the fan favorite rail gun.  All of these felt like how you would imagine, except when trying to take out a drop-ship during one part of the demo.  I hope Gearbox has some more unique weapons in store, because what I used did not interest me.  This leads me to the enemies. The pigs, which flanked and jumped, were quite formidable to fight.  I am not sure it was balanced, or which difficulty I was playing, so they could be easier or more difficult in the retail game.  I also was able to squash some bugs in a mine shaft, but that was about it.  Hopefully there will be more bosses that are massive, like in the opening area.

To finish off the Duke Nukem Forever demo, I had to make it back to my monster truck with the gas.  Along the way you find a mine cart, which needs to be driven.  Yes, you read that correctly. A mine cart level in a first-person shooter.  It doesn’t last too long, but you still get to destroy more enemies and watch them explode, with body parts flying everywhere.  It was a cool way to end the demo, but was it necessary?  Of course not, but knowing that this game has been in development for 12 years, are you surprised?

The demo was about 25 minutes long, but in that time I killed a huge boss, drove a monster truck, shot down a drop-ship, manned a mine cart, went to the bathroom, drew on a whiteboard and more.  Duke Nukem Forever may not be the best looking game on the market, but it is made up of one over-the-top moment after another.  Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released in early May 2011, over 14 years since the last Duke Nukem game, and I can’t wait to see what Gearbox Software has done with this ridiculous (in a good way) game.

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Game developer Remedy Entertainment is currently at work on the highly anticipated game Alan Wake for the Xbox 360. What you may not know is Remedy Entertainment’s breakout game from 1996. It’s a top-down racing game for the PC DOS platform called Death Rally. The game was published by Apogee, which would later be known to gamers as 3D Realms. You can enjoy this slice of gaming history now, for free, as Remedy Entertainment has re-released the game to work on current PCs (Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7: 32-bit or 64-bit). Get Death Rally now, right here.

You can relive or experience the racing mayhem of Death Rally for the first time. 3D Realms still has a game details page online for it, which you can see here. You have to love this description for Death Rally:

"Shoot your way through screaming bystanders, pick up more ammo and turbo from the side of the track, and floor the pedal while performing some shady deals for The Dealer. No trick is too dirty when you’re preparing for The Final Confrontation; only the hardest armor, the most powerful engine and the biggest guns will see you through the ultimate battle against The Adversary. And when you feel you can’t take it anymore, you can check out the underground market: Spiked bumpers, landmines, rocket fuel or sabotage can provide a way to create some nasty accidents to the competition."

Thanks to Joe for the heads-up on Death Rally’s re-release! Get racing and let us know what you think!

Download Death Rally here.

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything on the Duke Nukem Forever game. A teaser trailer was released back in December 2007. Well, finally a new glimpse of footage is about to emerge. An exclusive showing of the new trailer for Duke Nukem Forever will be appearing in the launch episode of The Jace Hall Show. The new show will debut this Wednesday, June 4th on Crackle.com and Xbox LIVE. See the website for The Jace Hall Show, where you can hear a teaser audio clip.

3D Realms, creators of the Duke Nukem Forever game, also has a posting on it here.

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