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DodoGo! Robo (DSiWare)

DodoGo! Robo
Available for DSi (DSiWare)
Game Developer: Alien After All
Game Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Release Date: April 18, 2011
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DodoGo! Robo review:

DodoGo! Robo (DSiWare)It is rare that I get a chance to review DSiWare games, especially since the Nintendo 3DS has been released. Because of this, it is so difficult find such amazing games like DodoGo! Robo from Neko Entertainment. Do not be scared by the unique name. It is a fun puzzle game that includes mind-bending mechanics. Players have to save endangered eggs as they traverse some insane environments. These levels are filled with traps and you have to use the handful of items to guide those eggs to the finish line.  At 200 DSi Points ($2), this DSiWare game is low in cost and huge in value.

In the small download of DodoGo! Robo, there are over one hundred levels.  Just think about that. That is about two cents a level, a ridiculously good value. The tutorial levels are easy, as they should be, but some of the later ones encompass a lot of work to save those poor little eggs. You have to jump them, use pinball style bumpers, set fires and deform the terrain just to keep them from falling to their imminent death.  You do have the ability to pause the action and replace some of the items you have placed. I found myself seeing the placements even before I used them during some of the later levels. That means I was taught well how to play, which is great for such a complex title.

DodoGo! Robo (DSiWare)The visuals are simple, but it does not deter from the quality.  It allows you to stay focused on the task at hand. As for the audio, it does not fair so well. I almost had to turn it off by the end of the game due to its lack of variety.  I found myself hearing the song on some levels so many times I couldn’t stand it anymore.  But this is a small issue that is easily cured. Unfortunately, I did not play the first title in the DodoGo! series, so I cannot compare the two games.

Although the DSi Shop can be a place filled with games that you may never heard of, there are many hidden gems. DodoGo! Robo is definitely one of those games. Neko Entertainment has released a low cost, solid puzzle game that anyone can enjoy.  Just make sure that you have a stylus and one that can be used heavily.  I played this game so much, my hands started to hurt, and that is far from a bad thing.  Use the 200 DSi Points and download this game. DodoGo! Robo is more than worth it at many times the price.


Thanks to Neko Entertainment for making this review possible!

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