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K'NEX MarioKart Wii giveaway

K’NEX is hosting a giveaway contest this week that Mario fans should not miss. Today through July 15, 2011, visit for a chance at getting a free K’NEX Mario Kart figure. K’NEX is giving away 10,000 of their Mario Kart figures (Mario and Luigi)! Check the website for the exact time to show up, as only 300 figures will be given out each day. If you’re lucky enough to sign up for your Mario Kart figure, you may just be lucky enough to get a Golden Ticket inside your Mario Kart figure package. Five of the mailed Mario Kart figures will include the K’NEX Mario Kart Grand Prize Golden Tickets.

Five Grand Prizes include:

  • A Nintendo Wii
  • The ENTIRE K’NEX Mario Kart Wii Building Set Product Line ($600+ Value!)
  • A TRIP for 3 to K’NEX Headquarters

Head on over to for all the rules and to enter. Nintendo fans, don’t miss out on this sweet contest and free giveaway from K’NEX. Good luck!


Not much to say here, but check out Nintendo’s Mario Kart Wii commercial below, with “Cowboy Jed.” The video shows how to use the Wii Wheel to do a flip, a wheelie, power slide. Basically says: “Get behind the wheel!”

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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata speaks with developers from the upcoming Mario Kart Wii game in the latest “Iwata Asks” on Read up on how the Mario Kart series came to be on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and how it’s evolved to Mario Kart Wii.

The design of the Nintendo Wii Wheel is also discussed and images of Wii Wheel prototypes are shown. The Wii Wheel went through an evolution of about 30 prototypes! See the final design of the Wii Wheel below. In Mario Kart Wii, you can choose from various controllers, but bragging rights go to players that compete using the Wii Wheel, thanks to a Wii Wheel icon that appears next to your name when competing.

Check out the full interview, with more details on online play and a golden Wii Wheel here at

Mario Kart Wii will be released in the US on 04/27/08.

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