K'NEX MarioKart Wii giveaway

K’NEX is hosting a giveaway contest this week that Mario fans should not miss. Today through July 15, 2011, visit for a chance at getting a free K’NEX Mario Kart figure. K’NEX is giving away 10,000 of their Mario Kart figures (Mario and Luigi)! Check the website for the exact time to show up, as only 300 figures will be given out each day. If you’re lucky enough to sign up for your Mario Kart figure, you may just be lucky enough to get a Golden Ticket inside your Mario Kart figure package. Five of the mailed Mario Kart figures will include the K’NEX Mario Kart Grand Prize Golden Tickets.

Five Grand Prizes include:

  • A Nintendo Wii
  • The ENTIRE K’NEX Mario Kart Wii Building Set Product Line ($600+ Value!)
  • A TRIP for 3 to K’NEX Headquarters

Head on over to for all the rules and to enter. Nintendo fans, don’t miss out on this sweet contest and free giveaway from K’NEX. Good luck!


Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary

Nintendo’s iconic video game character, Mario, celebrates his 25 year run through Super Mario games. From the 1985 debut of Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System to the 2010 release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii, watch a fun retrospective gameplay video here of Nintendo’s Super Mario games.

Here’s a message from Nintendo on Super Mario’s 25th Anniversary:

“Twenty-five years ago today, Nintendo’s original Super Mario Bros.™ video game made its debut in Japan and changed the world of video games forever. Since then, Mario™ has become one of the most renowned and beloved video game characters around the globe.

Mario is all but synonymous with Nintendo. It’s difficult to think of one without thinking of the other. Super Mario Bros. contains a magical blend of characters, graphics, challenges, music and action that still captivates players today. The original game sold 40.24 million units worldwide, and remains one of the best-known, best-loved video games in the world. It popularized the side-scrolling format and established elements of the Mushroom Kingdom that are still used in today’s Mario games. Super Mario Bros. frequently appears on lists of the best games of all time.

“Stimulated by advancements in technologies, we have always enjoyed developing the Super Mario Bros. series,” said Nintendo designer and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. “The Super Mario Bros. series has always taken advantage of the latest technologies and is the fruit of the creativity of a number of my hard-working friends working as a team.””

Visit Nintendo’s 25 Years of Mario Bros. website at


While at the Nintendo booth at PAX there were crazy lines for both Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Metroid: Other M and Donkey Kong Country: Returns, but one game that was not getting as much buzz was Fluidity. The game physics based puzzler where you have to tilt the world using the Wii Remote. Your puddle of water moves through the world through tubes in the ground, passing through doors and values that are triggered via switches. As you make your way through the level and pass through certain areas, you may lose a few drops of your collective liquid. This is where the challenge and replayablility come into effect.

Playing through the two levels of the demo did not take very long because of the natural feel of the controls. Just using the Wii Remote seems like the only way to play this game. Even though I was playing some early levels I was able to quickly make it through them. This was not for the lack of challenge but more a testament to the precision of the controls.

As for graphics, Fluidity has a cartoony art style. The movements and animations are very realistic though, even if the premise is ridiculous. What was very funny to me were the ends of each level. Basically, your puddle of fluid spews out of the ground at a random spot in the world. It seemed a bit out of place, but very fitting to the art style of Fluidity.

Nintendo has always had a knack for discovering and publishing unique titles for its WiiWare downloadable service. Fluidity is both unique and fun. Coming to WiiWare sometime this winter for 1000 Nintendo Wii points, Fluidity looks very solid and was totally fun to play. Keep your eyes on the site on Mondays for the Nintendo downloadable summary and maybe even a review when the game is released.

For more info on Fluidity, visit the official Wiiware page here.


Nintendo today announced several release dates for its upcoming games, including the highly anticipated Metroid: Other M. In addition to the release date announcements, Nintendo also announced that Photo Dojo (DSiWare) will be available as a free download to all Nintendo DSi owners starting May 10 through June 10, 2010. It will then be available for purchase at 200 Nintendo Points ($2).

Here are the latest release dates on several upcoming Wii, WiiWare and DSiWare games, confirmed by Nintendo:

Wii game release dates:
Metroid: Other M – August 31, 2010
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor – June 27, 2010

WiiWare game release dates:
BIT.TRIP RUNNER - May 17, 2010

DSiWare game release dates:
Photo Dojo – May 10, 2010

Earthworm Jim – May 10, 2010 – Will integrate DSi camera for facial captures. Details from Nintendo: "Earn bonuses with facial expression-based challenges that track your face using the Nintendo DSi camera. Put on a smile, frown or make a variety of other faces to mimic Jim."

Looksley’s Line Up – May 17, 2010
This game sounds like the hidden object 3D DSi game you may have seen. Here is more information from Nintendo: "In this unique take on hidden picture games, Looksley the rabbit needs your help to find inspiring objects so he can finish the story he’s writing. The objects are hidden in 3-D dioramas made up of cutout layers that shift as you move the Nintendo DSi system. Unique Nintendo DSi camera-based controls let you peer deep into the game’s scenes and hunt for hidden objects just by moving the Nintendo DSi."

Frogger Returns – May 17, 2010

Metal Torrent - May 24, 2010: A arcade shoot ‘em up that supports recording and sharing gameplay videos.

X-Scape – May 31, 2010

Hero of Sparta – May 31, 2010

Flametail – June 7, 2010

A Kappa’s Trail - June 14, 2010

For the complete details from Nintendo, see their press announcement below.

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Nintendo today released a new trailer for their upcoming Wii game in collaboration with Tecmo’s Team Ninja, Metroid Other M. The trailer shows a bit more of cutscene (CG) footage, but also shows more on the gameplay. As you’ll see in the trailer, the Wii Remote is used to shift from a third-person perspective to a first-person perspective when it is pointed at the screen.

Watch the latest Metroid Other M trailer below, showcasing the Wii Remote gameplay footage.

Metroid Other M will be available for the Wii in summer 2010. Pre-order here.

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