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Real Steel (XBLA, PSN) from Yuke's

Real Steel
Available for Xbox 360 (XBLA) and PS3 (PSN)
Game Developer: Yuke’s
Release Date: October 12, 2011 on XBLA, October 18, 2011 on PSN
Official website:

Review summary:
Real Steel is the videogame adaptation of the recent Hugh Jackman movie of the same name. The movie seems to have been well received but unfortunately (as happens all too often) the game is mainly a bucket of bolts. The graphics are sub-par, even for a downloadable game, and the DLC options scream “gimme your money.”

Game rating:

2 out of 5 stars

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Real Steel game (XBLA, PSN)

Real Steel movieReal Steel just hit the movie theatres this weekend, debuting at number one in North America. Game developer Yuke’s will be offering fans a way to experience the excitement of the film’s robot boxing combat from a new perspective – their own. This is not an extension of the story from the Real Steel film. In the Real Steel game, game developer Yuke’s invites players to enter the arena with their very own robot. Real Steel offers offline combat and online worldwide multiplayer combat.

In the Real Steel game, players begin by selecting their very first robot model. Base models include “Standard” type, “Power” type and “Speed” type. Players will have to progress through the ranks of robot boxing to the ultimate battle with Zeus, the reigning champion. League competitions take place in the gritty arenas of the Under World matches and the glitzier World Robot Boxing (WRB) arenas. Each league has five main stages of ranking tiers, putting players to combat with four challengers in each tier. The “boss” of each tier includes a robot that makes an appearance from the Real Steel film. Yuke’s has designed fifteen cool and quirky looking robot boxers of their own, including one named Scrapbot. Keeping true to the design of the robots from the film, Yukes’ robot designs were approved and supervised by Dreamworks.

Real Steel (XBLA, PSN) from Yuke's

Real Steel is aiming to attract game players of all experience, much like some other fighting games have done in the past. Casual players will be able to select from simple controls and the more seasoned gamer can select the more complex “multilayered gameplay” controls. Players can send punches using the four face buttons on the controller. Defensive commands can be issued using the top shoulder buttons on the controller. A combo of button presses will allow for dodging techniques, as consecutive poundings while defending will cause damage. A robot’s “power charge” meter (stamina) is consumed when dodging, so don’t think that dancing around the arena will save you. Other techniques include swaying and repelling moves. Players will need to use caution and try to avoid a pummeling, as damage carries over into the next match. Battles can result in brutal outcomes and damage, with arms getting knocked off and heads flying with a punch. Real Steel offers a deep damage and customization system.

Real Steel (XBLA, PSN) from Yuke's

Being a robot boxing game, players can customize their fighting machine with over 500 parts within ten distinct categories. Upgrading robots will give players new advantages in the ring. By winning matches, players will earn the currency for upgrading their robot’s power. Robots can be repaired using currency won from a battle, or be beefed up with a completely new part. Ultimately, however, it will be the skill and technique over power that determines the champion. Yuke’s will be releasing additional downloadable content, allowing for even more custom parts and creative robot assembly. New robot characters from the Real Steel movie will also be released. Expect to encounter a unique variety of players online and see how your own robot design fares in battle.

Real Steel (XBLA, PSN) from Yuke'sThe Real Steel game looks like a nice and fun compliment to the movie. Don’t be surprised if you get attached to your customized robot fighter. Real Steel is scheduled to arrive as a downloadable game from the Xbox LIVE Arcade (Xbox 360) on October 12th for 800 Microsoft Points ($10) and the PlayStation Network (PS3) on October 18th for $9.99. Keep a lookout for its release, as well as more hands-on (or robot fists-on) details in our upcoming review of Real Steel.

Watch a trailer from the Real Steel game below (or here on YouTube). For more details on the Real Steel game, visit the official website at

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