Halo: Reach last minute pre-order deals, midnight launch store openings, in-store deals

by Alex Morgen on September 12, 2010

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Halo: Reach from Bungie

Halo: Reach is launching in just a couple of days on Tuesday, September 14th. If you are looking where to get Halo: Reach first, or where to score some of the best pre-order or in-store deals, consider this your Halo: Reach pre-launch planner!

Halo: Reach Midnight Store Openings:
(click a link for the details)

For the premiere Halo: Reach launch events, visit bungie.net!

Best Buy

Last minute Halo: Reach pre-order deals:

(99 cent release date delivery. Free release date delivery for Amazon Prime members.)
Xbox 360 250GB Halo: Reach Console Bundle
Halo: Reach Standard Edition ($20 videogame credit)
Halo: Reach – Limited Edition ($20 videogame credit)
Halo: Reach – Legendary Edition ($20 videogame credit)

Halo: Reach Standard Edition
Halo: Reach Legendary Edition
(Halo: Reach Limited Edition sold out online)

Pre-order for exclusive in-game content:
– GameStop exclusive in-game UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark V(B) Armor.
– In-game Spartan Recon helmet with the Visor/Blast Shield.
– A chance at winning life-sized Halo: Reach Spartan Soldier.

See more details here.

Halo: Reach Standard Edition ($20 eGift Card)
Halo: Reach – Limited Edition ($20 eGift Card)
Halo: Reach – Legendary Edition ($20 eGift Card)

Best Buy:
– Get a free $20 gift card (in all Halo: Reach editions). Details here.

Halo: Reach in-store deals:

From 9/14 to 9/18, purchase Halo: Reach (Standard, Limited or Legendary) and receive a $25 gaming coupon good towards your next video game purchase at Kmart. Also, save $25 on select Xbox 360 games.
See the details here.

Free $20 Gift Card with the purchase of Halo: Reach and one select game or accessory.
See the details here.

If you’ve found any other worthwhile Halo: Reach pre-order deals, in-store deals, or midnight store openings, let us know with your comment(s) below!

Halo: Reach bundles

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