How to Program a DirecTV Remote to Control an Xbox 360

by GamingBits on January 22, 2007

in Xbox News Bits

This is pretty awesome. If you don’t have the Xbox remote control, you can use a DirecTV Universal Remote to navigate through the Dashboard and to play DVDs and whatnot in 4 easy steps.

1) Switch the DirecTV remote to AV-1. Point the remote away from your receiver. Press and hold the select and mute buttons until the light above the AV-1 switch blinks twice.

2) Press 991, then press 2. Now press Power.

3) Press Ch. Up 35-40 times, pausing between each press. The light above AV-1 should go on every time you press it.

4) When your Xbox 360 turns on, immediately press Select.


From Instructables.

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