Oblivion Glitch: Item Duplication

by GamingBits on April 7, 2006

in Xbox News Bits

Here’s another little Oblivion glitch gem. You can duplicate an item a bunch using a bow and arrow. Here’s what you need to do:

– draw your bow & pull the trigger button, but wait!!:

– before you release the trigger button, hit B to get to your items list

– change the types of arrows you are using (press “A” twice or more when selecting the other arrow) & select the item you want to duplicate and drop it

– exit out of your item list & let the trigger button go to shoot the arrow

– boom, your duplicated item shoots out (# depends on quanitity of arrows)!

UPDATE 4-8-07: Bethesda patched the glitch and it is no longer working. If you are connected to Xbox Live and performed an update over Xbox Live, this trick will no longer work. :(

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