Dark Souls prepares players for a beat down and offers up a collection of five rare statues

by GamingBits on September 28, 2011

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Namco Bandai Games and FromSoftware are preparing to release a relentless challenge in the form of Dark Souls next week. To get you wound up for the game, a new “All Saints’ Day” trailer has been released. Watch the dramatic video below, and don’t be surprised if the odds seem insurmountable.

Namco Bandai Games has also teased a giveaway of five original (and incredible looking) Dark Souls statues. See them further below. Getting your hands on them will also be a challenge. Here are the details:

“The five unique, one-of-a-kind statues were crafted by sculptor and Dark Souls enthusiast Peter Nordstrom, aka ‘PNordstrom’ on the PrepareToDie.com forums.  Each are of limited edition “1 of 1″ status, all measuring over 12” tall in actual size.  These items will not be sold online or found anywhere else. For more detailed information on how you can be one of the lucky five fans to acquire these rarities, visit PrepareToDie.com for a full list of rules and regulations. If you haven’t been playing all along, it’s still not too late to jump into the action and walk away with one of these unique Dark Souls character statues that won’t be found in stores.”

Dark Souls will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next week. Pre-order and get prepped to die here. Dark Souls will be available in North America on October 4th and in Europe on October 7th. Visit www.PrepareToDie.com and www.facebook.com/DarkSouls for more details.