Merge Virtual Reality Goggles send you off into VR with your smartphone

by GamingBits on December 10, 2015

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Why wait until the future when you can jump into and experience virtual reality today, at an affordable price? Half the power is already in your pocket with your smartphone. Merge VR augments your phone with their cool and comfortable VR goggles. It is surprisingly simple to use with your phone and creates a comfortable and easily accessible VR experience.

The Merge Virtual Reality headset is primarily made up of a lightweight foam material. A snug slot at the front of the headset allows you to place your smartphone inside – I was surprised that even iPhone 6 Plus was able to work with this. The sturdy headband keeps it snug on you, with an optional top strap for additional support. Consideration in the Merge VR’s construction was taken to allow multiple access ports to things such as headphones and speakers via side slots and a removable piece in the front for camera access when using augmented reality VR apps with it. With your phone tucked away in the front portion of the headpiece, you still have access to interacting with the screen via top input buttons. Those input buttons are attached to left/right sliding lenses which help you to easily adjust the display to your custom fitting. These goggles felt snug to the face, thanks to the foam construction. The comfort factor was excellent. Really an excellent headset piece that is packed in a pretty cool purple package!

Merge VR has many places to send you off via recommended free and for sale applications, here on their website. From VR games to VR movies and VR music experiences, you will be transported to places you’ve never been. Some of the most enjoyable experiences for me came from being taken around a spin of Syfy’s Expanse space station to getting an otherworldly view from the Mars Spirit Rover. There are 3D created worlds to explore too and, of course, some gaming action. The Merge VR headset does awesome in keeping you in the experience by fitting snug on you and keeping the viewing area dark.

Curious what is in the box? See photos of what is in the Merge Virtual Reality package here on Flickr.

The Merge Virtual Reality headset is a fun way to immerse yourself in places and experiences you may not ever see otherwise. It’s a super fun and comfortable escape, at an affordable price with the help of your existing smartphone. Merge VR’s headset is among our 2015 Holiday Gift recommendations, here on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.


Thank you to Merge VR for providing the sample review unit to share this experience with readers!