Nintendo celebrates neat (or leet) MAR10 day

by GamingBits on March 1, 2016

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A fitting day to celebrate Mario would be March 10th, or MAR10, as hinted by Nintendo. “Celebrated by Mario fans each year, the 10th of March is a special day to remember his impact on pop culture,” said Nintendo, “thanks to how the day on the calendar resembles the beloved character’s name.” Such an iconic character of the video game world, Mario deserves his day. What were your first recollections of Mario? Mine was in his hammer-smashing, barrel-dodging action arcade game, Donkey Kong.

Some of Mario’s highlights, from Nintendo:

  • Mario had a big milestone in 2015! He celebrated 30 years since he leaped his way into people’s hearts in 1985’s Super Mario Bros.
  • Nintendo launched Super Mario Maker, a game that lets fans create and share their own Super Mario Bros. levels. So far, 6.2 million levels have been created by fans!
  • Facebook’s engineers celebrated Mario by creating their very own Super Mario Maker levels for fans to play.
  • A special 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo was released in a classic 8-bit design. The limited-edition figure was a tribute to the original Super Mario Bros. game that launched for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.
  • Mario hit the courts with the launch of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii U. In the game, fans play as Mario and friends in intense tennis competitions.
  • For the first time, Mario teamed up with his paper version, Paper Mario, in the colorful action RPG Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for Nintendo 3DS.
  • With the help of his voice actor, Charles Martinet, Mario celebrated the grand opening of the Nintendo NY store in Rockefeller Plaza.

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