Tatum Games Kickstarter is live!

by GamingBits Guest on April 4, 2016

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TatumDon’t be the last guy in line to back the world’s first collaborative collectible card game! Tatum Games Kickstarter is live and wants you to join forces against evil! Tatum Games Kickstarter is now live at http://kck.st/233DZU2 . Back Tatum Games now and be a part of a team to see the greatest Collectable Card Game come to life. More collaboration, improved game play and more strategic challenges to maximize fun and team effort!

Tatum Games is overwhelmingly grateful for your donation, and appreciates you making your donation on the very first day of their Kickstarter campaign. Why is it so important that you donate today? Because the fate of the campaign lies in your hands! Kickstarter’s observer algorithms evaluate thousands of attributes of a campaign, from the pictures and language used to the rate of visitors and contribution size. If it meets certain criteria, the Kickstarter will be “featured” on Kickstarter’s homepage, increasing visibility and thus the likelihood that the campaign will be a success. Even if Tatum Games doesn’t meet the criteria to be featured via the algorithm, it may still get enough traction to be selected as an employee favorite because of your donations.

If you participate on day one of the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get insider information, tips, and gifts that are exclusive to early donors. Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to be a part of the dialogue going into creating this revolutionary gaming application! Your hardened confidence in Tatum Games will inspire others to participate in their campaign, and the more fans and excited gamers Tatum Games have as followers and inspiration, the better the game will be. Your early support will drive the momentum of Tatum Games’s Kickstarter! Plus, your early donation also enables Tatum Games the opportunity to hear your opinions and feedback early on in the Kickstarter campaign, giving more time to implement change and brainstorm ideas.

Tatum Games Kickstarter is now live here at http://kck.st/233DZU2